Having a good time!
Military days

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri,

a city well known for its cultural soul food and barbecue cuisine with its own distinguished taste.

It is one of the five hubs for barbecue in the country.

I was raised in a large family with eight siblings, many cousins and a whole lot of family friends.

Aquiring a love for cooking at an early age, I watched my mother and grandmother create authentic soul food dishes and had backyard barbecues while listening to great motown and soul music.

These are the traditional, mouth-watering recipes that is feature at my food truck.

As an adult, joining the United States Army, I developed my cooking skills, being trained by the best military cooks.   Serving in Germany and visiting other European countries I got to experience different styles of cuisine and gained

a deeper appreciation for different cultures and foods.

After receiving an honorable discharge, I enjoyed a very successful food service career

spanning over thirty years in a variety of food service facilities and restaurants. After moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas

and working for different venues, including the Arkansas Razorback football stadium, I decided to give Northwest Arkansas a taste of that traditional soul food and barbecue I grew up with.